Can I use my subscription on multiple devices?

Yes, We Provide Multiple Device Support IPTV Service. make sure you have purchased connections according to your device

Do you have EPG?

Yes, we do have EPG. We usually send the EPG links when sending your order. If you have not received it, contact us and we will send it.

When does my subscription start to be active?

Subscription starts to be active from the moment you will receive your activation credentials in your e-mail.

How long before I can use the service?

We activate all new accounts in 10 minutes to 12 hours after paying .

Can I Cancel My Service?

We are not contracting with anyone and you are completely free to cancel our service at any time. Once you cancelled the service you won’t be charged and the service will be ended automatically at the time when you purchase it.

Is IPTV Safe To Use?

Of course, IPTV is safe to use because this is simply a service that lets you stream your favorite cable channels on the internet without buying a cable connection.

Even though we are not pirating anything here and the channels that we provide on our website are licensed and safe to stream.

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